About Asheville Videography

We are an Asheville, North Carolina based business that has been specializing in videography since 2006.

We film mostly in western North Carolina, but have also filmed in upstate South Carolina, and the piedmont of North Carolina as well as parts of Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Virginia, and Georgia. We take great pride in our approach to creating a video representative of the event we are capturing.

Asheville Videography films weddings, company parties, birthday parties, concerts, focus groups, legal depositions, comedy shows, or any other event that is special to you. We can cater a production according to your budget and produce a memory filled DVD to cherish forever.

Whether it is an economic approach, or full professional package, we will work hard to exceed your needs. We do it, with you in mind. We want to be your videographer!

Our services is also now available on thumbtack.com, a website for local service professionals.

About the Owner

Kristofer Alan Thompson

I have always been fascinated with the ability to capture a memory, visually and audibly, in order to help relive it in the future.

This combined with my need to be around creativity, has let me to this business.
I love being a part of moments that I know will be remembered.
Moments that you immediatly know will be cherished.

I grew up in Asheville, North Carolina, and went to school at Appalachian State University.
I am heavily into the running and cycling scene in Asheville, and try to get all the exercise my body will allow.
I am proud to call this city my home. The beauty is unmatched, and the people areunlike any other.

I would be honored to help you capture your moment, and help you never forget the memories you will make.

Contact us today for your special event needs.

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