Wedding Videography

Is there a more important day in your life than the day of your wedding? It all has to come together perfect, every detail exactly as planned. A couple who is about to get married has a lot of things on their to do list. One such item that needs to be addressed is hiring a wedding video company to record the moments of their wedding ceremony and wedding reception. Do you have a wedding planned in NC? Asheville Videography wants to be your weding videographer! We can custom build you a video package for your north carolina, south carolina, or georgia wedding - all within your budget.

For years, photography has been a staple when planning your wedding, however with today's technology,
it is more economic than ever to add videography to your wedding plans. Take a look at our examples page to see what is possible. Contact Asheville Videography today to discuss your wedding video!

Our prices start with the amount of hours you wish us to shoot.


0 - 2
We film anything desired under 2 hours
2 - 4
We film anything desired between 2 & 4 hours
4 - 6
We film anything desired between 4 & 6 hours
6 - 8
We film anything desired between 6 & 8 hours

We then provide various options for you to add to your package. Each one is outlined below.


DVD Cover Art
Cover art for the slimeline DVD case
Picture Slideshow
Wedding picture slideshow onto DVD
DVD Copies
Number of DVD copies desired
Additional Camera
Additional camera, providing more angles
Web Footage
Footage retaining HD quality for the web

* all packages include dvd(s) with menu

Wedding video allows you to enjoy the best moments of your wedding for many years to come. Preserve the elegance and emotions of your wedding on video on DVD, and never forget a moment.

Contact us today for your special event needs.